“I’m a fan of yours. There’s been artists where I am amazed by them, but you’re someone I want to listen to in my car.””

Miley Cyrus

Aaron Gibson

Aaron Gibson developed his love for music when he attempted his first open mic at the suggestion of his father. He earned a business degree and joined the corporate world after graduation, but ultimately choice to purse his dream of performing. He began working open mics and playing local shows with his bandmates, but his moment finally came through NBC's The Voice where Aaron was cast as a season 11 contestant.

Now having returned home to Atlanta, Aaron has been performing across the country as a singer/songwriter and as front man of the Aaron Gibson Band.

In May of 2017, Aaron released his first full length album "That's What." It features 12 tracks and has been featured on Atlanta's Rock 100.5.

Aaron also has a passion for giving back to the community and has volunteered as a counselor at a camp for kids with Tourette’s syndrome. He has worked Camp Twitch and Shout for 5 years and continues to return each summer to interact with the campers who have poured out their love and support week after week during his Voice appearances.


The Music

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Aaron Gibson - Lego House

Credit: Tyler Golden/NBC